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Our Story. Creating best performance marketing. 

MPULL was born when founders Daryn and Graeme got frustrated with old school marketing and decided to do something about it. As experienced sales and marketing executives, they were used to seeing marketing methods that simply pushed messages out with the thin hope that someone who was considering purchasing a product or service would spot them and respond.

This old school marketing was costly, and not easy to measure. Whenever marketing performance was questioned, the companies they worked for always told them that they were building brand equity. Daryn and Graeme thought that, quite frankly, this was just an easy excuse for poor performance marketing.

Initially they set off to build a piece of marketing technology that would assist brands to manage and measure their marketing, while assisting them to close more business. This technology existed in the US and Europe already but was the first one of its kind in their native South Africa.

The software existed in the form of inbound marketing and marketing automation software. The concept is based on the fact that every consumer does online research before making any significant purchase for themselves or their business. Inbound marketing ensures that brands are found online and that they then engage with their leads to increase the likelihood of closing a deal using content marketing.

Today MPULL creates inbound marketing strategies for brands. They help brands to deploy inbound marketing strategies, then execute and manage their clients' marketing strategies.