Demand Generation. Making marketing count.  

You need to constantly fill the top of your sales funnel with leads and the more leads you have, the more sales you will make in the end.

On your website, you can use inbound marketing strategies to convert an anonymous web visitor into a lead. Offline marketing activities such as events and ad campaigns can also follow a process to have the leads that are generated enter the top of the sales funnel so that marketing can demonstrate ROI. For more resources on lead generation click here.


We believe anonymous potential customers are of little use 

Premium content is one of the tools that is used to convert anonymous website visitors to known leads, it is hosted on specially designed landing pages with specific calls to action. Premium content can be integrated into your website, blog or social media, as well as on other traditional marketing materials such as TV, PR, events, PPC and more.

By offering a valuable piece of premium content such as a white paper, e-book, guide or handbook, you then convert anonymous prospects to leads.


What can MPULL do for you:  

  • Idea generation: We help you come up with fresh ideas to convert interested parties from online and offline sources into leads .
  • Create premium content: We can create the premium content: e-books, guides, and whitepapers. This may include converting existing content, interviewing stakeholders, researching new content and designing an attractive and easy-to-read PDF.
  • Create landing pages: We will build the individual landing pages and can also create multiple versions for additional leads tracking.
  • Develop a call to action: We entice interested potential customers to give us their details with the ultimate call-to-actions to ensure success.
  • Automate lead generation: Create and load your demand geenration programme into your marketing automation software.
  • Offline campaigns: We can create offline campaigns that generate leads.
  • Continuous analysis: MPULL will continuously analyse the results of your lead generation programmes and tweak them to make them more effective based on the data insights.

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