Email marketing solution to authentically build loyal email lists.

Email is one of the best communications channels because it is less interruptive than many other channels and it allows recipients to sort and prioritise responses.

As email is so easy to use, many unscrupulous companies have spammed email lists with promotional offers that they have acquired from equally devious database marketing agencies.

An authentic email marketing solution can break through the negative expectations and deliver serious results.


We believe in building email marketing solutions your contacts love 

By producing regular and high quality content that your target market actually wants to read, we assist companies in organcially growing their email marketing lists as contacts actually subscribe themselves to your email lists and become loyal fans.

We intertwine relevant call to actions within the valuable content to achieve specific objectives instead of pushing promotional product and service propositions to unwilling recipients.

In addition, we use an email marketing solution in our lead management and conversation strategies to guide prospective customers along a personalised path to purchase.


What can MPULL do for you:  

  • Organically build a willing list of email marketing subscribers: by demonstrating value we continually expand the reach of your email marketing solution and as a result we fill the top of your sales funnel with potential customers.
  • Produce content that your email marketing lists actually want to read: we map content desires of markets with their buying stages and then create and design amazing content.
  • Send personalised bulk emails: we code your emails and then use the software most relevant to your requirements to email the lists we have helped you build.
  • Build call to actions that drive results: without driving relevant action you will not realise return on investment, we ensure every piece of content produced drives action.
  • Create lead conversion strategies: starting with mapping out a path to purchase we then plot communications along the buyer journey to convert leads to customers.

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