Lead nurturing. Ready when they are.  

Well done – you’ve made an offer that was attractive enough for a potential customer to engage with, thus becoming part of your leads database. This is great news but now the real work begins. Most leads are not ready to buy straight away. In fact, research shows that, most of the time:

  • Only 20% of leads generated are qualified,
  • 55% are leads but not ready to buy, and
  • 25% will never buy.

Wherever these leads come from, whether they have downloaded a piece of content, entered a competition or attended an event, they are not ready for a sales call. And very often those that are ready for a sales call are not followed up on – especially after trade shows and events.

The all-important lead management and conversion stage ensures that leads are not lost – in particular those who will eventually be qualified leads resulting in sales. We have a library of lead management resources here.


We believe in putting massive effort into lead conversion  

No two leads are the same and you can’t treat every lead the same. You have to find out more about their interests, their demographics and what they are looking to buy.

You don’t want to send unqualified leads to your sales team who will waste their time and become disillusioned with the leads that marketing generate. With a strategic, personalised and relevant email programme, you can guide your leads down a path to purchase, whilst scoring them based on their actions.

  • You need to guide your leads down a path to purchase with strategic, personalised and relevant email communication. As you guide them down this path, you score them based on their actions.
  • In the end, you deliver high quality sales leads to your business.
  • To find internal resources to do all of this can be time consuming.
  • To find a marketing agency that is prepared to be accountable for the qualified leads they generate on your behalf and the resulting revenue is also a challenge.
  • Knowing how to set up a path to purchase and nurturing programme requires a special skills set - one that MPULL possesses.

What can MPULL do for you:  

  • Nurturing programme design: We will custom design a path to purchase.
  • Map provoking communications: Next we will identify the communications that are plotted along the path to purchase.
  • Set up lead scoring framework: We will set up the scoring framework to identify qualified leads based on their actions.
  • Create the content: Our expert team of writers will write pieces and our design partners will design the communications.
  • Develop profiling and data capturing strategy: We will set up progressive profiling mechanisms and landing pages to gain further information on your leads.
  • Automate the lead nurturing programme: We will set up the path to purchase communications, triggers and scoring in your chosen marketing automation system.
  • Notify you of qualified leads: Manage mechanisms (possibly CRM integration) to ensure that relevant stakeholders are notified when a lead is qualified and action is taken.
  • Monitor and manage lead nurturing programmes: tweaking, based on scientific data analysis, where necessary to improve performance.

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