Marketing Automation. Making marketing scalable.  

Marketing automation is achieved by implementing software that enables marketing teams to more effectively manage their marketing campaigns, track leads, build conversion programmes and demonstrate ROI.

If content is the key ingredient for lead management, marketing automation is the food processor and the cherry on top is the ROI that you will realise by implementing it.

We believe marketing automation is key to sustainablility  

All the leads generated by marketing from offline and online campaigns are captured in your marketing automation software along with a whole host of data such as where they came from and what they were interested in.

Based on the demographics and data collected about the lead, they are added to a relevant email nurturing programme that sends custom emails based on the data and future actions of the lead.

Within the marketing automation system, a trigger is set to identify leads that become qualified, when one of these leads becomes qualified it is only then sent to your sales team to follow up.

Essentially marketing take responsibility for the lead until it is qualified, and are able to draw detailed reports that show which marketing tactics are producing the best leads and you can start working out how many leads marketing need to generate on a daily basis in order to meet the sales target.


What can MPULL do for you:  

  • Select a marketing automation system: We will assist you in selecting the best marketing automation software that meets your goals.
  • Implement your marketing automation system: With extensive experience in deploying and running marketing programmes in automation systems, we will take full responsibility to implement your solution successfully.
  • Design marketing automation programmes: Once the software is running, we build lead generation, lead conversion, customer advocacy and up-selling programmes and support your marketing campaigns using the software.
  • Analysis reports and tweak strategies: We are obsessed with ROI, we will help you work out what marketing is performing and which is not and we will help you tweak these campaigns using data driven insights.

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