Social Media Marketing. More than making noise.  

Social media marketing is much more than engaging followers and fans online, social media can be used to find new leads and cross-sell to existing customers while at the same time creating brand advocates.

There are too many fly-by-night social media solutions available today that just create noise online and measure their success by how many followers and likes they rack up.

The only sustainable social media marketing solution is one that can show return on investment.


We believe social media marketing should find you new business 

The first step to social media marketing is to ensure you are planning on coupling it with an inbound marketing strategy, this will guarntee return on investment.

Creating a content marketing strategy so that you have a constant flow of relevant content to attract leads, educate prospects and customers, and guide opportunities through your sales pipeline follows this.

Finally, with the foundations in place, a social media marketing strategy is put into place that assists companies in distributing relevant content with a purpose.


What can MPULL do for you:  

  • Develop an inbound marketing strategy: Ensuring everything you do is strategically linked to generating more revenue.
  • Create a content marketing strategy: Identifying what content is required at each stage of the buying cycle and for each type of buyer.
  • Write relevant and original content: We become the constant content creation machine, the key ingredient to social media marketing success.
  • Create social media profiles: If you don’t have profiles in place, we will create the, if you do have them in place, we will optimise them.
  • Distribute your content using social media: We schedule regular and appropriate updates to all your social media profiles.
  • Monitor your social networks: We listen for opportunity, we initiate conversation where opportunity exists and we converse with those wanting further engagement.
  • Show you social media marketing ROI: Using data driven analytics we show you the leads that are generated from your social media efforts and inform our future strategies based on insights gained.

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