Email marketing: how to write the perfect sales email

Posted by Devin Ross on 4 February 2016 | Comments

First, let’s clear things up. There is no such thing as a “sales email” in the sense you’re thinking of. A contact doesn’t just buy a product after receiving a perfectly worded email. Emails need to be sent at the right time in the buying cycle, and focus on a specific goal in order to be effective. There needs to be a plan behind your email marketing strategy. This plan needs to take into account the way your target personas behave as well as their position in the buying cycle.

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Content-boosted sales processes deliver consistency

Posted by Graeme Wilson on 3 February 2016 | Comments

If you are familiar with content marketing - and if you are reading this, we can assume you are - you already know that content is the fuel that drives content marketing, whether it is used as an independent element or as part of an inbound marketing strategy. In such strategies, social media and content work together to boost your ranking for strategic keywords, raise brand awareness, and drive traffic to your digital properties. But the role of content does not end at the attraction phase. Informative and relevant content can also play an essential role in the sales process.

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Blowing your own trump(et): Six ways to blow up on social media like Donald

Posted by Stuart Walton on 2 February 2016 | Comments

With more and more people actively using various social media platforms – becoming practically glued to their screens day and night – social media is often praised for ‘giving a voice’ to the masses. It's little wonder, then, that some topics quickly become inflamed points of contention, debate and support.

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Why your reporting and analysis need to be transparent

Posted by Garth Pedersen on 28 January 2016 | Comments

One thing that I’ve noticed in the past few years is that clients are less hands on but more clued up. The difficult economic climate means that marketing managers need to get the biggest bang for their buck, and, as result, they have started to delve under the bonnets of their increasingly complex marketing machines. These savvy clients know what to look for, and they want to be able to see it. 

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Five things inbound marketing has in common with wine

Posted by Caroline Knight on 27 January 2016 | Comments

Hi, my name’s Caroline and I’m a writer at MPull. I’m also a lot of other things. I do yoga and swim a lot. I’m somewhat obsessed with tattoos. And I’m even more obsessed with wine. Yes, I love drinking it, but I’m more interested in everything related to winemaking. I’m talking everything from wine regions to winemakers, terroir to grape varietals, carbonic maceration to Botrytis cinerea. I could spend the whole of this blog listing everything I find fascinating about wine, viticulture and vinification. Instead, I’m going to talk about the things wine has in common with inbound marketing.

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MPULL wins Grindstone Accelerator Award for “most growth”

Posted by Graeme Wilson on 26 January 2016 | Comments

Last year, we had the privilege of partnering with Knife Capital in their Grindstone Accelerator development programme, a year-long entrepreneurial development initiative designed to assist Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa. Over the course of the past year, the 12 organisations taking part were provided with the right combination of support, knowledge and networks to help them realise their potential for growth. MPULL benefitted incredibly from the programme, and last week, we were honoured to be awarded the Grindstone Accelerator award and R100k to develop the business and our employees! We’d love to take the opportunity to talk about what Grindstone meant to us, and take a closer look at how we performed.

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Digital strategy in the age of peer-to-peer travel platforms

Posted by Leanne Farish on 21 January 2016 | Comments

The popularity explosion of peer-to-peer travel services – apps like Airbnb, Vayable, Uber and Feastly, for example – has changed the way modern consumers book accommodation, tours, and travel experiences. In short, these platforms have made it possible for users to circumvent the traditional travel industry and to trade, transact and connect directly with locals instead.

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What the four new elements teach us about digital marketing

Posted by Daryn Smith on 19 January 2016 | Comments

So they’ve discovered four new elements. Oh, you didn’t hear? Well, that’s the thing about news nowadays — most of it’s discovered and digested online, which means the majority of events are lost in a content maelstrom or quickly forgotten after reading. Anyway, the four new yet-to-be-named elements were less discovered and more synthesised in various laboratories in Japan, the US and Russia, according to Chemistry World. Highly unstable ‘supermetals’, they only exist for a fraction of a second before their atoms decay — rather like much of the content on the internet. Before this turns into a chemistry blog (not something I’m famed for) let’s get back to digital marketing and what it has in common with this recent scientific discovery.

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The four corners of lead conversion [video]

Posted by Estee Schroeder on 18 January 2016 | Comments

Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce and conversion genius, often talks about the four corners of lead conversion and how to apply it to your conversion strategy in order to up your game. Some of the examples he uses to better illustrate the underpinnings of his theory are quite obvious, whilst others are quite surprising. Read on for our take on the four corners, and to find out what we consider to be the fifth (making an awkward pentagon) corner to turn your lead conversion strategy up to eleven.

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Content strategy: How (not) to brief a writer

Posted by Jess Gamble on 12 January 2016 | Comments

The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specifically for me.’ – Jamie Turner, CEO of SIXTY Marketing and 60 Second Marketer.

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