Using Trello as an agency project management tool

Posted by Estee Schroeder on 11 January 2016 | Comments

Partnering with an agency and outsourcing digital marketing can be the most beneficial thing you ever do for your marketing strategy. It allows you to spend time on the things you’re really good at – whilst keeping clients happy – and is the smartest way to scale your agency. Your partner agency’s resources can give you greater oversight and control. Read on to learn how.

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How to hire the best people for digital marketing

Posted by Daryn Smith on 6 January 2016 | Comments

A business’ most important resource is its people.

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Account Management 3.0: How to identify star account managers

Posted by Devin Ross on 4 January 2016 | Comments

Gone are the days of Pete Campbell. Mad men was cool, but it was also set in the 1960s. So let’s not employ like it’s 1969.

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Marketing ideas for 2016

Posted by Daryn Smith on 29 December 2015 | Comments

It’s that time of year when marketing gurus look into their crystal balls in the hope that they’ll be able to divine future trends and opportunities. Here at MPULL, we don’t believe in hocus pocus, but in science: studies, analytics, stuff like that. What follows, then, is a more informed and accurate forecast for 2016, along with some marketing ideas to make the most of the new year. But first, a warning.

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Run your B2B sales team like a data scientist [video]

Posted by Garth Pedersen on 21 December 2015 | Comments

Steve McKenzie was a young and green finance undergrad student when he began working in the finance world. He has since started and sold his own SaaS business, and is now the VP of sales at InsightSquared.

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Email marketing in a world of wearables

Posted by Gio Ghignone on 15 December 2015 | Comments

Wearables. Everyone is talking about them. They’re a $20B market that is set to grow to $70B in the next 10 years. While most people think of wearables as watches or fitness bands, the wearables market also includes things you stick on your face, like the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Such a prevalence and diversity in devices poses many questions about their utility and place in our lives. Why are they so popular when they make us look like complete idiots? For the purposes of this blog, however, we’ll stick with the biggest growth market – wrist-strapped wearables – and how email marketing can be used to tap into this market.

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Search Engine Optimisation vs. Pay-Per-Click: The Final Showdown

Posted by Nikita Scott on 14 December 2015 | Comments

As online marketing heavyweights, both search engine optimisation and pay-per-click are worthy contenders, but who will claim the title in this digital Rumble in the Jungle?

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Knowing your shit vs. knowing you’re shit: The seven types of content according to the Bristol Stool Chart

Posted by Paul Melis on 9 December 2015 | Comments

According to the Bristol Stool Chart, there are seven types of shit. I know this because I spend far too much time on the internet, not because I have the desire to be some kind of poop academic.

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A crash course in social prospecting etiquette

Posted by Devin Ross on 7 December 2015 | Comments

Meet Mike... Mike’s owned a business for the past 20 years. All of his new business comes in via his stellar sales floor. His boiler room approach has been successful up to now, so why should he change anything?

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Five modern marketing thought leaders to follow in 2016

Posted by Leanne Farish on 1 December 2015 | Comments

Maybe you’ll be starting the new year with a digital clean-up: laboriously unsubscribing from the host of unwanted email lists you’ve somehow ended up on, ruthlessly culling your Facebook friend list and trying to bring some semblance of order to your digital filing system. But once you’ve unsubscribed, unfollowed and deleted to your heart’s content, why not set yourself up for a daily injection of fresh perspectives and quality insights by following a few modern marketing gurus who actually know what they’re on about?

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