How inbound marketing makes your sales job easier

Posted by Graeme Wilson on 30 November 2015 | Comments

One of inbound marketing’s biggest selling points is that it makes the sales team’s job easier. As a salesperson, you’re probably after some hard-and-fast facts on how, exactly, inbound marketing does this. What’s so special about this particular type of digital marketing anyway? Well, I’ll tell you.

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Maslow’s hierarchy of content strategy needs

Posted by Leanne Farish on 25 November 2015 | Comments

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a psychological theory commonly used as an aide to understanding human motivation. Most often depicted in a pyramid shape, the hierarchy ranks human needs and desires in order of importance. Starting with our most basic, fundamental needs and working upwards through the pyramid, Maslow categorised human needs into the following layers: physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging needs, esteem needs and, finally, self-actualisation needs. The basic theory is that human beings only become motivated to fulfill the needs at the top of the pyramid once all of the needs lower down have been met.

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Manipulating micro-moments in your lead management strategy

Posted by Leanne Farish on 23 November 2015 | Comments

Mobile has changed the way modern consumers make buying decisions.

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How to increase sales through LinkedIn

Posted by Jess Gamble on 18 November 2015 | Comments

Linkedin is a great place to connect with potential customers, especially as you can find out so much about them just by checking out their Linkedin profile. LinkedIn also makes it easy to find potential customers in the first place, since you can use the search console to filter users based on their job title, employer, location, education and more. This makes social prospecting an absolute breeze.

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Five reasons why digital marketing agencies should consider outsourcing

Posted by Daryn Smith on 16 November 2015 | Comments

Outsourcing digital marketing to a partner agency doesn’t mean your agency can’t handle its workload or doesn’t have the skills needed to execute the strategies you’ve come up with for your clients. Far from it. As it happens, outsourcing work to a partner marketing agency – especially one that specialises in outsourced execution – can be a very smart (not to mention profitable) way to work.

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We've been featured on the HubSpot Partner blog!

Posted by Daryn Smith on 12 November 2015 | Comments

Daryn Smith, our fearless leader and all-round inbound marketing wunderkind, just published his first article on the Hubspot Partner blog! Check it out to find out more about what keeping up with the marketing Joneses entails, why staying relevant in your marketing strategy is vital, and how to get real results from your marketing efforts. Read the blog here.

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How to get inbound marketing buy-in from the board

Posted by Daryn Smith on 11 November 2015 | Comments

You’re a switched-on marketer working for a big company. You pride yourself on keeping up with the latest marketing news and following the latest developments in marketing technology. It’s clear as day to you that inbound marketing is the best way to reach modern buyers, and you’re champing at the bit to roll out an inbound marketing strategy.

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The dangers of diluting your company offering

Posted by Graeme Wilson on 10 November 2015 | Comments

Many marketing agencies become successful as a result of being well known for excelling at a particular thing. For example, your agency might be renowned for your design services. Perhaps your current CEO started out as the first designer in the agency, and still actively works on your flagship accounts. As a result, your agency culture has been built around the love of beautiful, functional design. It’s your thing.

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Content marketing guru to speak at HUG South Africa this December

Posted by Daryn Smith on 5 November 2015 | Comments

Have you signed up for next month’s HubSpot User Group events in Cape Town and Joburg yet?

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Why you should pick your marketing agency based on agency culture

Posted by Graeme Wilson on 2 November 2015 | Comments

Deciding which agency to outsource digital marketing to is an important – and sometimes difficult – decision. There are so many agencies out there, how do you narrow it down to just one?

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