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It’s that time of year again: Christmas puddings are already on the shelves and your year-end vacation is almost within reach. With 2014 just a blink of an eye away, you should be looking at industry trends to guide you in planning your business-to-business marketing strategies going forward.

B2B 2013 and Beyond, a study conducted by Ambassador, provides a handy snapshot of how business-to-business marketers see the future.

Nearly half of business-to-business marketers are planning on increasing their marketing budgets.

Compare this to the business-to-consumer markets, where marketing managers who focus on traditional branding strategies are experiencing budget cuts. This marked discrepancy is likely due to the fact that the tactics favoured by business-to-business marketers are measurable. If your tactics are measurable, you’re able to show the return you get for every Rand spent on marketing. In times of economic uncertainty, this makes it easier for marketers to motivate for an increased budget.

67% of marketers plan to increase their digital marketing budgets specifically.

The considerable amount of marketers who plan to put more into their digital strategies going forward is proof that digital has become a key focus area for business-to-business marketing strategies.

Content marketing is driving growth in business-to-business marketing.

Within the content marketing framework, there are several tools and tactics available to use in business-to-business marketing strategies:

Blogging is the top rated tactic, with 77% of all business-to-business content marketers using this method. Video comes in at a relatively close second, with 70% of content marketers posting video content. Just over half of the industry plan to increase their search marketing budgets, while 35.5% will increase their mobile marketing spend.

By taking an inbound marketing approach with an agency that understands conversion, you won’t have to break your budget down for each separate item because all of the above tactics are integrated into a holistic, conversion-driven content marketing strategy. On the other hand, if your agency considers each of these as separate tactics, you aren’t getting the full benefit of integrated inbound marketing.

67% of all business-to-business marketers rate in-person events as the most effective content marketing tactic.

This is an interesting statistic because it implies more than just the obvious. In order to host a content-based event, you need more than just your opinions to present on; you need new, engaging content. This kind of content is usually based on primary research results. So what this statistic implies is that 67% of business-to-business marketing strategies employ conducting research as a key tactic.

87% of business-to-business marketers use social media to distribute content.

This is a positive statistic showing great use of social media. It is worth noting, however, that this study was conducted in the US and that the percentage of South African companies correctly utilising social media will be much lower.

As expected, LinkedIn is the number one social media network used by business-to-business marketers.

B2B 2013 and Beyond [infographic]

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Author: Daryn Smith

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