How data-driven insights can boost your B2B marketing

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Because consumers are always changing, marketing to them is a tricky business. In order to avoid getting left behind, a marketer has to get in on the latest action and trends, and be quick about it. Consumers and their desires are ever-changing, and it can be quite a challenge for a marketing department to keep their B2C marketing fresh. One of the biggest benefits of working in B2B marketing is that marketing changes at a steady pace alongside your industry. If you keep up to date with the industry, you can usually spot potential game changers from a mile away - and adapt your marketing strategy to keep pace.

With these gradual shifts, data is more important than ever.

If you are changing your B2B marketing strategy in alignment with developments in the industry, you need to make sure your core strategy is working. Constant collection and analysis of your data is crucial, as all marketers will tell you. But analysing marketing data is an art in itself, and you need to make sure you are reporting on data that can give you valuable insights and not just on vanity metrics. First determine what you want to know, and then figure out which statistics can give you the best answer to your question. Once you know what you are looking for, your time spent on gathering the data is instantly halved.

Actionable insights require a holistic approach.

In order to optimise your strategy based on data insights, you need to have first asked a question, and then you need to access the correct data. For example, answering the question “Does my CTA work?” requires data from your page views, CTA clicks, and submission rate. Why not just your CTA clicks? Because you can’t determine whether your CTA works if you don’t know how many people could have clicked, and you definitely don’t know if your CTA works if you don’t know whether they completed the intended action. Analysing different aspects of your strategy in order to determine whether one aspect is working helps to optimise each section and will give you valuable data insights. Gaining insight into your data is a lot easier when you stop trying to analyse vanity metrics.

You need data-driven insights to fine-tune your campaigns.

In B2B marketing, constantly optimising and tweaking your campaigns and strategies allows for optimum performance. And who doesn’t want to see improvement? If you iterate on your strategy in accordance with your data, it will prevent the need for a dramatic change in gear in the future.

Keep abreast of industry developments to anticipate future changes.

Along with tweaking your campaigns based on data insights, you need to keep pace with your client’s industry. By keeping up to date with industry news, one can normally spot potential changes before they even happen. How do you keep your B2B marketing strategy up to date? Constant iteration on current strategies, as well as insights into your industry is the perfect formula. For example, a few years ago, all B2B companies with any IT or tech clients would have targeted a CTO, but a savvy B2B marketer would have kept focus on the CTO while at the same time starting to build out strategies to target the newer CIO positions. Keeping up to date with each of your clients’ industries when you are working at a B2B marketing agency might not be easy. That said, constant communication with your client and a mind always on the lookout for new strategy angles will go a long way to ensure that your strategies stay relevant.

To find out how to perfect your data insights, download our guide to marketing analytics.

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