Three reasons *not* to outsource inbound marketing

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You’re an inbound marketing agency considering outsourcing work to a partner agency. You’re almost convinced, but something’s holding you back. You like the sound of the benefits – like keeping your own team small while having access to a specialist pool of highly skilled writers and strategists – but you’re worried about the potential drawbacks. After all, it’s your reputation that’s going to take a hit if your partner agency lets you down.

Sure, the outsourcing model isn’t for everyone. But, in my experience, when you unpack many of the fears holding agencies back from giving outsourcing a go, they turn out to be unfounded. So, here are three commonly-cited reasons not to outsource inbound marketing – and three ways to get around them.

1. Your agency is really good at inbound marketing.

You’re an inbound marketing agency yourself – and you’re damn good at what you do – so why would you need someone else to do it for you?

When you outsource inbound marketing execution, you can focus on what you’re really good at.

Actually, outsourcing the slog work – like writing blogs and ebooks, doing keyword research, compiling reports, managing social media accounts, and all the other time-sapping tasks essential to implementing an inbound marketing strategy – frees you up to spend more time on the juicy stuff. Whether it’s cooking up innovative strategies or sinking your teeth into the business development side of things, the ‘juicy stuff’ is whatever makes you tick. Projects that let your strategic genius shine, that set your agency apart from every other marketing gig on the blog.

2. You’re a control freak.

You’ve got your own way of doing things. You trust your team and you’ve trained them to work exactly how you want them to. Bringing a different agency into the mix – with their own habits and processes – could throw a spanner in the works.

When you outsource inbound marketing to the right agency, you’ll have as much control as you want.

The key here is to find an agency that caters to how you want to work, and to agree on an SLA that meets your needs. When you have the freedom to decide what you want to outsource and what you want to do yourself, it’s up to you how involved you are in execution. Want to control a client’s keyword strategy, content calendar and social sharing? No problem: just outsource blogging. Don’t want your clients to know you’re outsourcing parts of their inbound marketing strategy to another agency? No problem: opt for white-labelled services. Want to outsource an entire strategy and put the client directly in touch with your partner agency? That’s an option too.

3. You’d rather just use a few freelancers.

Why outsource to an agency when you can just hire a couple of freelancers?

When you outsource inbound marketing execution, you don’t need to train freelancers.

Traditional copywriters and journalists won’t necessarily understand inbound marketing best practices. As a result, the problem with using freelancers to create your clients’ inbound marketing content is that you’ll almost certainly have to train them first. Before you do that, ask yourself if it’s really worth putting all that effort into training someone who might not be available next month (and, worse, might end up working for your competitors). When you partner with a specialist agency, on the other hand, you’ll have a team of seasoned writers and strategists working on your account from the word ‘Go’.

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The trick to making the outsourcing model work for you is finding the right partner agency. In my opinion, finding the right agency essentially comes down to one thing: finding an agency that shares your company culture. This is something we’ve blogged about before, so check it out here.

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