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Local Content. Tailored content for an African audience.  

Africans love listening to and telling stories and smart marketers should embrace this. Providing relevant and outstanding content when adopting an content marketing strategy is of the utmost importance.

Content should be customised based on the segment the consumer falls into, their buying stage and their personal preferences. One of the key differences in segment and buying stage is region. A person buying product X in Africa is completely different to a person buying the same product in the US. And a company buying a service in Kenya is completely different to a company buying a similar service in Malawi.

This may sound simple but so many companies choose to use content that is produced for one country – often one that is a lot more developed – just with a tweak here and there. Creating outstanding content is costly, but the returns are high. In Africa, even in the most developed countries, there is a huge lack of relevant local content. Brands that take advantage of this gap will succeed.

Much of the content that will be of the most value and see the highest returns will require research to be conducted. Unlike the US and Europe – who have been developing content for years yet got very little return as readers of their content were anonymous – Africa has the opportunity to leap frog this stage and immediately see return from their content.

Of course, when operating in Africa, the majority of consumers only have access to the internet on mobile phones, many of which are feature phones. As such, content that is developed must be feature phone friendly in order to reach the masses.

Here’s what MPULL recommends:

  • Awareness generation: Take snippets of the premium content you have developed, and build stories around these snippets. Use a keyword strategy to ensure that potential customers find you through legitimate content indexing on local versions of search engines.
  • Lead generation: Only allow prospects that provide their contact details access to this premium content. If it is good enough they will part with their details. Don’t go for the spray and pray approach. You have the opportunity to generate leads and get a return on your content marketing efforts.
  • Lead nurturing: Now help your leads buy – tell them why you are the best with localised case studies, awards and product features. Give them product evaluation guides that include even local competitors and market conditions.

MPULL specialises in strategic content development – we research what content your potential customers, we create it, we make it look good, we put it in the right places so that your potential customers find it and then we add in hooks to ensure that your readers become leads.

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