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Consumer-centric Marketing. People don’t buy the way many market.  

Buying behaviour has changed and with it marketing has to adapt. In the past, when it was difficult to get information, the role of mass media was important. Direct marketing took weeks to arrive through the post, but was still effective. And the role of a sales person was very important: they connected the dots, answered all the questions, tied up and closed the sale.

In today’s age, there is too much information available and too many messages being pushed to potential consumers. Consumers zone out and are extremely good at finding the exact little piece of information they want. Yet so few marketers have moved on from pushing messages at consumers. For any significant purchase – personal or for business – consumers turn to the internet for research. As a result, most brands have a website and the astute brands – especially those operating in Africa – have a mobi site too. But often these websites are little more than online brochures. They receive thousands of anonymous hits but the messaging is still self- important, push-style messages.

We believe in reaching consumers in the way they buy. On a daily basis, people are looking for interesting and remarkable content related to their current needs – so create it for them. They may even start loving your brand. Through your engaging content, they will realise the solution to their current need and they will begin researching your offering as well as that of your competitors.

Hook them when the moment is right using inbound marketing tools. You will then know who they are and that they are considering buying. Now you can lead them down your path to purchase. As they go through the various buying stages, you can provide them with educational content that will help them make their buying decision.

MPULL develops and executes marketing strategies that align to how people buy nowadays. Let us assist you in creating one for you.