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Live Marketing. Make your marketing agile.  

Sales is a numbers game: the more prospects you have, the more leads you will have and the more customers you will end up with. It is the role of Marketing to ensure that each stage has enough prospects, leads or customers to make the brand successful.

When you get scientific about marketing, it can become live or agile. By doing a specific action – like writing a blog post, launching a value proposition or hosting an event – you will get a specific result. This way, you can continually monitor the performance of your campaigns and programmes. You will know from past experience that if you do a certain action, there will be an average result of X.

So when you need to fill one of your pots – say the leads pot – you can do something and see an immediate action. Or if you notice that leads stop engaging after a certain point, you can pull in a piece of strategic communication to change that. It is cause and affect marketing, agile marketing or live marketing.

In order to get to this stage you need to be able to track and measure every single marketing activity. This can be daunting! In addition, many marketers worry that by implementing proper tracking, if some of their marketing campaigns do not perform, this will result in trouble for them. However, the value of being able to not make the same mistake twice and being able to be entirely accountable for your marketing strategy in the future should outweigh these concerns.

We believe in constantly analysing your marketing programmes and sales results, building analytical dashboards and adapting your marketing appropriately.