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Accountable Marketing. Give marketing a revenue target.  

Too many marketers use the lame excuse that costly campaigns and programmes resulted in increased brand equity. They even get research companies to conduct brand audits yet we all know that you can swing statistics in whatever direction you want so these are unreliable – especially when the marketer is trying to justify their existence and ROI.

No matter what anyone says: B2B marketing exists to generate leads, which results in revenue and growth for the company. Marketers create products to fulfil needs, place them in the right places and price them strategically. When it comes to promotion though – accountability goes out the window.

B2B marketers, especially those responsible for communication, should have a revenue target on their head. If companies do this, they are very likely to see a different set of marketing tactics being played out. Those that can be tracked; those that actually generate qualified leads.

In fact, it is highly likely that the marketer would adopt an inbound marketing strategy as marketing this way allows for reporting, guaranteed lead generation and qualifying leads.

We assist brands in adopting and running B2B marketing strategies that make being accountable for revenue easy. Let us show you how.