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Funnel-linked Marketing. Aligning your marketing programmes to your sales pipeline.  

We believe that in many cases, sales and marketing functions can be combined into one team that is responsible for revenue generation. In the past, marketing would only take care of the top of the funnel activities – generating awareness and leads, then handing over to a sales function that would spend a long time dealing with leads and trying to close a few deals from the many leads.

Sales would normally complain about marketing and the poor quality leads it generates, while marketing would complain about the sales department not doing enough with the leads they produce.

Now these teams can be restructured to align to the sales funnel and inbound marketing can be used to facilitate better revenue generation:

  • Awareness Team: Responsible for getting the brand out there on the internet with content, ensuring potential customers find your solution when they are looking for something similar to it. Other traditional marketing tactics still play a role here, for example brand advertising, PR and in-store activities.
  • Top of Funnel Team: Responsible for generating leads, they use tactics such as creating premium content that requires users to register to get it. Content is king for this team, the content they create needs to be so enticing that consumers see value in parting with their details to get it.
  • Middle of Funnel Team: Responsible for nurturing the leads created by the top of funnel team. This team works out automated programmes that guide leads based on their characteristics down a path to purchase to qualify them.
  • Closing Team: Responsible for closing the leads, this is the traditional sales team, but no longer do they need to deal with unqualified leads or convince leads why your product or service is best, this is all done already. This team is responsible for the final contract negotiations and ensuring solution delivery.
  • CRM Team: Responsible for existing customer relationships, turning existing customers into your brand advocates and finding opportunities to upsell and cross sell to existing customers.

Marketing takes on much more responsibility now. They should have revenue-linked targets in order to make them more accountable with the money they spend. Just watch how the choice of marketing tactics changes when a marketing team has a revenue target.

Interested in restructuring your team like this? MPULL can help you make the transition so get in touch.