Brand Management

Online brand management is about ensuring that when potential customers search for a solution that your brand can address, they quickly and easily find useful and positive content about your brand and products online. They should not find negative reviews or customer complaints that have not been responded to.

Brand management also involves making sure that you outrank your competitors on search engine results pages.


Downloadable brand management resources 

  • The Guide to Inbound Marketing:
    This comprehensive guide to inbound marketing explains how you can ensure that your brand is found online when potential customers need your product or service, and how you can influence potential customers to choose your brand over a competitor.
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  • Content Marketing Handbook:
    Creating valuable and original content is an essential part of brand management in the digital sphere. This handbook explains all you need to know about using content marketing for brand management.
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  • Effective Social Media in Business Guide:
    Customers will always use social media as a means to address customer service issues, so ensuring that your social media profiles are not filled with negative comments from past customers is an extremely important part of online brand management. This informative guide explains how to keep your social media profiles active, engaging and profitable.
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  • Website Redesign Checklist:
    The first step towards online brand management is to ensure that your brand has an online presence in the form of an active, current website. Use our Checklist for your Website Redesign to make sure that your website is set up for effective brand management.
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