Content Marketing

Creating content is nothing new to marketers. However, content marketing is about so much more than simply creating engaging and entertaining content.

Content marketing is about strategically creating and sharing a consistent stream of original, educational, top quality content for the purposes of attracting and nurturing leads, converting leads into customers and turning customers into brand advocates.

Importantly, content marketing is also entirely measurable, which means that you can track how much revenue is generated by each marketing activity.

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Downloadable content marketing resources 

  • Content Marketing Handbook:
    This informative guide to content marketing contains everything you need to know in order to develop and execute measurable and effective content marketing strategies.
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  • The Guide to Effective Social Media in Business:
    Effective social media strategies work hand-in-hand with content marketing strategies. This guide follows on from our Guide to Content Marketing and explains how to implement an effective social media strategy.
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