Email Marketing

Sending unsolicited emails to bulk mailing lists is not doing email marketing – that’s called spamming. Spamming doesn’t get results. Intelligent and contextual email marketing, on the other hand, is one of the most effective tools available to marketers.

Contextual email marketing involves sending educational, strategic lead nurturing emails to leads who display relevant behavioural triggers. Email marketing in this way is highly effective.

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Downloadable email marketing resources 

  • The Guide to Inbound Marketing:
    Inbound marketing strategies use email marketing to assist in converting leads into customers and to get existing customers to buy more. Learn more about the role of email marketing in inbound marketing in this informative guide.
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  • Content Marketing Handbook:
    Brands that don’t have a content marketing strategy in place have to make do with thin, self-important content in their email marketing campaigns. This handbook will assist you in setting up a content marketing strategy, including an effective email marketing programme.
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