Lead Generation

A consistent and sustainable lead generation strategy ensures that the top of your sales funnel is always full of new, high quality leads.

Unfortunately, lead generation in South Africa has a very bad reputation. This is because it’s often associated with devious or distasteful marketing tactics like cold calling or SMS and email spam.

That’s not the kind of lead generation we do. At MPULL, we practice demand generation. Through the use of digital channels and content marketing, new school demand generation tactics can be a highly effective way of attracting high-quality relevant potential customers to your business.

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Downloadable lead generation resources 

  • The Guide to Inbound Marketing:
    This comprehensive guide to inbound marketing explains how you can strategically and sustainably attract leads to your business.
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  • The Guide to Content Marketing:
    This informative guide to content marketing explains how content can be used to attract relevant leads, qualify them, convert them into customers and turn them into brand advocates. 
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  • The Guide to Effective Social Media in Business:
    Use this guide to find out how social media can be used to find new leads and to get existing customers to buy more. 
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  • Checklist - for your website redesign:
    Use this website redesign checklist to ensure that your website functions as a conversion-driven digital sales machine.
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