Product Marketing

Product marketing strategies too often take the form of flashy, short-lived, expensive launch campaigns. While campaigns like these may kick-start sales, as soon as the campaign stops, so do the sales. This drop in sales often prompts another expensive campaign, then another after that, and so on.

A campaign-driven approach to product marketing doesn’t result in a sustainable sales pipeline. By changing the product marketing mind-set to focus on the implementation of a consistent marketing programme that continually fills the top of the sales funnel, your efforts will result in sustained return on investment.


Downloadable product marketing resources 

  • The Guide to Inbound Marketing:
    A product marketing strategy that uses inbound marketing ensures that potential customers are always able to find your product whether or not they’re even aware that it exists.
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  • Content Marketing Handbook:
    The use of content in a product marketing context will allow you to find new leads, quickly convert leads into customers and sell new products to existing customers.
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