Sales Funnel

Marketing shouldn’t stop at finding new leads to fill the top of the sales funnel. Your marketing strategy should also focus on ensuring that a high percentage of the leads generated move through the sales funnel as quickly as possible and come out the other end as customers.

Using a combination of content marketing and marketing automation software, marketers can influence leads moving through the sales funnel by sending them the right messages at the right time. By sending leads relevant and strategic content, you are better able to influence their buying decision.


Downloadable sales funnel resources 

  • The Guide to Inbound Marketing:
    One of the most effective ways to fill the top of your sales funnel is to use inbound marketing. This useful guide explores inbound marketing strategies and how marketing automation technology can be used to nurture leads and convert them into customers.
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  • Content Marketing Handbook:
    This insightful handbook will help you identify what sort of content potential customers need at each stage of the buying process as they move down your sales funnel.
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